Zuni (fish scale) belt buckle multi stone

I found this pretty little buckle at a local consignment store in the middle of some costume jewelry. I haven’t even cut the tag off or wiped it down. It has multiple types of stone and is hallmarked with initials that look like “ELB”.
I have a couple of questions. First, is it considered fish scale even if the inlay isn’t all in a row like real fish scales? Secondly, is this really ZUNI or a knockoff?
Thanks for all help.

That is Zuni work and the hallmark is listed for Edison and Laurenda Bobelu. In Hougart’s, they’re listed as “active since 1980s” and “fish scale” is given as one type of work they do.

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Thanks. I was pretty sure it was real but have been working a lot and hadn’t researched it.
I need to get a copy of Hougart’s book. I have her book on Mexican hallmarks but not the Native American one.
Have a great week!