Zuni Hallmark? Intricate and unidentified!

This has been in y family for decades - and we have no concept of maker - would love to have info from the informed readers of this post.

I much appreciate any help you can give me identifying it beside what I think, which is a Zuni Petit point belt. It is quite intricate

Hallmark is V.L. The L is in script … Thanks very much - is there a way to post pictures?

Hello. I came across a reference to a Zuni hallmark for Virgil Leekya who uses a VL. I could not find an image to see if it was as you described. You might research that name to see if you can find anything that resembles your work. Also, you might think about adding a picture of the work and hallmark, thanks.

Thank you so much;!. I had looked at her? But the initials are quite different…simply a v and a script l, I very much welcome any input as I inherited several pieces including the bolo … silver and gold with a name that I can’t even figure out what the first letter is :wink:

Hopefully the photos below uploaded. I apologize for not being savvy on this site.

The last pic with the turquoise had no signature that I can find. Thanks again

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Can’t help with the hallmark, but that is beautiful needlepoint work on the concho belt!

The rug bolo appears to be a Robert Taylor piece. I couldn’t find any more information on the V.L. You might do some research using the Zuni last name of Lonasee, you will notice many of them work in a similar style of cluster. The bolo without a hallmark is a traditional style Navajo piece and a common style. Hope this helps.