Zuni Harry Deutsawe pin?

I have been trying to find out who made this pin. It is signed TEX. I came across something this morning that suggested the artist is Harry Deutsawe, but I cant find any other signed pieces attributed to him. I also can’t find info for him other than he worked around the 1950’s. He is mentioned in a Zuni jewelry book, but alas it is not available at my local library. Any thoughts or information about this piece, or Deutsawe?



SOURCE: https://www.schifferbooks.com/figural-designs-in-zuni-jewelry-5437.html

on that link look for the link under picture that says “look inside”

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I am not familiar with that artist. It is always difficult to determine this age of Zuni work. You will notice the two butterflies in the book have similarities but when you look to the bottom wing they are significantly different. Has a look more like this one by Lee Edaakie.

You will just have a difficult time finding the artist name. Your piece is beautiful and enjoy it. The TEX is a traders code. I worked once for a company that used Hopi Basket X. So that would make the cost of this pin 980, which would translate to $9.80 for the time period. I do not know what the code is for this piece.


Ok, good to know. Finally I can stop trying to find out who signed it, ha! Thanks for the information. Now I can enjoy it without feeling like I need to learn more about it. Thanks!