Zuni Inlay Ring

I really like this ring. It has no markings at all. I need to get a silver test kit. I am suspicious because there is no patina at all. But there are a lot of signs of wear and little nicks, you can tell it’s been worn quite a lot. Also the inlay is not as smooth as some that I have seen. It all fits together very well but it’s like they never did a final polish of the whole inlay. Anyone have any ideas or comments? It is a size 13 and I am out and about now and don’t have my scale so I cannot tell you how much it weighs it’s relatively heavy though and the whole inlay is very low in the bezel so it doesn’t catch on a lot of things like some of my other rings

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Looks silver to me, nice ring. The design of the inlay is very intricate, like the artist is creating a yucca bush or something. I almost think he wants to create the idea of the piece having dimension, and that is why he might not have grind it flat and have the smooth finish.


Thanks Jason, that makes sense.

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