Zuni-ish cluster necklace help

Happy New Year everyone!
I came across this necklace and find it very pretty. The flat silver areas on the pendant and the flat areas on the chain really give it a unique look when worn. It’s not hallmarked or marked sterling (but told it was). I’m not sure if the stones are natural or composite. Is it Navajo, Zuni, Mexican? I’m also wondering what this style of chain is called. I welcome any information the experts here might be able to gleen from the pictures. Thank you in advance!


seems to be a variation of these 2 types of links

source: https://products.riogrande.com/content/Instruction-Sheets/Guide-To-Jewelery-Chain-IS.pdf


Thank you @Steve !
I appreciate the info and the link!

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Patania Sr. did a necklace chain a lot like this, but his links are smooth all the way across and don’t have a bend midpoint, as in your example. This would be a handmade chain, as Patania’s were. Turkey Mountain Traders calls the Patania type a “link chain.” Navajos made link chains, too.


Thank you @chicfarmer ! I always appreciate your insight and keen eye.
I was told this was a 70s piece. But the seller doesn’t really have any info on it. What are your thoughts on the turquoise…natural or composite?It looks a little chalky to me when zooming in on one of the clusters.:thinking:

It could be stabilized, doesn’t have to be natural to real.

It’s really gorgeous!
I might call that a book chain.

It is a Zuni style, I guess we don’t know for sure without the hallmark. If we had this we would call it Zuni and we always just refer to the chain as handmade chain.


Thank you @Ziacat and @Jason . So I’ll assume it’s an authentic Zuni piece with either stabilized or composite stones. What would be a fair price to offer for it then? TIA!

Do they have an asking price?

They’re starting at $400

@Jason They’re asking $400.

That seems very reasonable.

@Jason appreciate your input. I might go for it. It felt really nice on.
@Ziacat would you know if dyed stones other than turquoise would green over time? That’s what puzzles me most about this necklace. It has a slight green hue. It’s not blue.

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I don’t believe so. I Googled it quickly.

I have a lot of greenish turquoise. I’m not saying it’s stabilized (I don’t know enough to tell from the pic), just meant it doesn’t have to be block if it’s not natural.