Zuni Knifewing Bolo

I purchased this Bolo at an estate sale today. They knew nothing about it as it had been Mom’s.
I thought it could be Zuni but wonder if it is a copy. Not Signed. Looked up other posts here about Knifewing, and it doesn’t seem to look like other pictures. I still like it, so that is good, but what do you who are more experienced than I think? Native American? Thanks.

I think it’s an Asian import approximation of a Zuni piece. It has quite the unusual interpretation going on. Btw did you test the metal?

I haven’t tested it yet. We have an acid test kit. Here is the back of it .

I’m not getting the right feel for NA. Asian? Mexican? The silver tips on bolo look NA to me. But new.

The back supports my thought that it’s a non-Native import, and the tips are also in line with this.

dont bother testing it. waste of acid really. novelty bolo


Ditto, pot metal
Cheap faux piece