Zuni Needlepoint? Necklace

I am calling this petit point instead of needlepoint because the stones, although they are skinny, are rounded on the ends instead of pointed. Is this correct, or is this still considered needlepoint?

On the etched signature, I can definitely make out the last name Concho or possibly Concha and the word Zuni. Zuni leads me to believe that it’s the name of the maker and not of a previous owner. The first name looks like Bill or Biff, I can’t really make Bobby work, which is the only Concho name I’ve found in any of the books or on the Net. Plus all the Bobby Concho signatures I’ve found are in a much more block type script than this.

I did find an identical necklace on eBay Canada but it’s unsigned and unattributed. They are asking a good bit over twice what I paid. It’s dainty at 24 g.

The photos aren’t as sharp as they could be.

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I always refer to the small round settings as petit and these long pieces as needlepoint, but I have no clue if a long cut that doesn’t have a needlepoint end should be needlepoint. Concho is a Zuni last name, but like you I could not find a first name. Looking at this piece it seems to have some age, the reason we see Bobby Concho work is because he is an Internet age artist. Maybe this artist is before the internet.

Thank you for your insights Jason, always appreciated.

In Zuni jewelry, turquoise pieces which is pointed at both ends are needlepoint. Pointed at one end and rounded on the other are petit point. Small round stones are snake eyes.


I will call these needlepoint then. Thanks.