Zuni Needlepoint Squash & Cuff Set marked "SH", anyone know who or when, etc?

Hi, Thanks in advance for any info!

I can’t tell if it’s “SH” or “HS”!?

I am also curious as to what it’s worth?

The only name I can find is Sidney Hooee, but I don’t know if he did needlepoint!?
Again, Thanks for Any Info!!


I don’t know that hallmark, but I love this, particularly the fine tapering to the needlepoint and the array of different work in the naja. Thanks for sharing the picture.

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Yes, Sidney Hooie did needlepoint. Here’s his entry in the book “Zuni: The Art and The People,” copyright 1975.
The entry says that he “doesn’t sign his work.” Maybe that changed after 1975.

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It would be interesting to know if Jason knows who it might be. It is a gorgeous set!

Sidney Hooee has been gone for about 25 years. His hallmark was SH and that would be his work. Sidney was married to Daisy Hooee who previously had been married to Leo Poblano. Sidney did large stone work also and traded with legendary trader C.G. Wallace. You will notice the similarity in the style of the needlepoint in the picture and book pieces. Great piece to own, thank you for sharing.

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TY Jason!!

From what I could find out…

The mark was very similar to Henry Sam or Herman Smith, but not the craftsmanship.

Sharon Hustito, from what I read, did petite work & is Zuni, but her work didn’t look like this either.

It was only after coming here, I found out who & what Sidney Hoohee’s work looked like… TY all for the info!!

I’m still trying to find out what it’s worth & wondering if I should sell it as a set or separately… It’s going on eBay soon.

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You should keep it. If you do decide to sell it I would keep it as a set. If we had that it would be marked around 3K.

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For me it would be a keeper! It is a wonderful set. Can only gain value! Thanks for sharing

If I were you, I would keep this forever. The bracelet is amazing, but just look at the work that went into that naja, the different sizes and shapes and the arrangement of the pieces. That is an extraordinary work of art.