Zuni pin/pendant help w/ ID

Hi all,
I have an adorable pendant signed “A.R.L. Zuni and I am wondering if someone could help me identify who ARL is and what this piece might be worth? Thank you ever so much

It’s about the size of a quarter :slight_smile:


Don’t know off hand who A.R.L. is. Green stone is Malachite, red is coral or spiny oyster (hard to tell from the photo), white is mother of pearl. Looks like genuine Zuni.

Before silver went up 400%, this piece would have retailed between $36 and $45. A fair retail price at todays market pricing should logically be roughly four time that, but cheap imports, and predatory trading practices have kept prices for Zuni jewelry tragically low.

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Hi @mmrogers thank you ever so much for the information! It’s so helpful. It’s the cutest piece!

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