Zuni Ranger belt buckle set

Hello, I believe my set is called “Ranger”.
On the back it says C&E Cooche Zuni New Mexico. (Celestine & Elizabeth Cooche?)

Any suggestions on approximate value? And Age? also the belt it’s on has acorns :face_with_monocle: & I’m wondering if it would be more appealing for sale if it was off of the belt. Thank you



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Ok …it’s coming off the acorn belt :laughing:

I was just kidding. Oak leaves and acorns are a common theme in Western tooling, so apparently, it is fairly popular, but I understand your question.

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His son still does this style ranger set, Stanford Cooche with his wife Diane. We sell Stanford’s $250 - $300 new.

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You should post a pic of the whole belt that shows the leather, but it looks like a nice belt with attractive stitching and tooling, and I always think ranger sets are more appealing on a belt than without them. Although the particular belt may or may not be to the liking of the buyer or the right size, at least it is wearable to some portion of the population vs. not wearable at all. And the barrier to switching a belt out is about the same as putting a belt-less ranger set on a belt. I like the ranger set, too.