Zuni ring marked with LL

Looking for any info on a ring. It is marked with ZUNI LL… I would add a picture but I’m new and haven’t figured that out yet!! Thank you.

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To add a pic you need to click the upload link in the lower right hand corner and follow the prompts…good luck!

i did a little research on your beautiful ring and the only Zuni name I came up with that had the LL signature was Linette Laiwakete, Im not saying that is who this is, I am by far an expert lol but it’s a name you may want to start with. Good luck on finding the maker. Your ring is outstanding

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Here is another ring like yours credited to L. Laiwakete https://www.etsy.com/listing/207745547/vintage-zuni-signed-lynette-laiwakete

Found this researching Linette Laiwakete’s name. It’s from Perry Null.