Zuni Ring

I found this Shalako ring for $120. Is it worth that or more?

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I would call this more of a Zuni-style “Rainbow Man” than a Shalako - these are very specific terms and forms in native american sprituality. this one looks like it’s had a rough life, isn’t terribly old, and not extremely high quality. You can find similar on ebay under $100.


After i got a close up by posting it here i did notice that it was not in good condition as you said also. Thanks so much, i really appreciate it. One more question, i found a Zuni brooch. I would think after all the work it takes to make these, why wouldnt the Artist sign it?

hard to say. maybe their hallmark stamp is larger than the piece itself. on a brooch like this, the biggest spots on the brooch are probably where you would solder the pin mechanism. or maybe they forgot. on smaller pieces like this they are probably making more than one at a time, so it’s possible one or two slip through without being marked. or, maybe it was originally part of a larger suite all sold together, and a larger piece, a pendant or ring, was signed and the other pieces weren’t. who knows.


Ok, thank you so much