Zuni Squash Blossom Appraisal


Can you tell approximate age and value?


That’s one of Victor Moses Begay’s necklaces. He is Navajo by the way. For insurance purposes I would say around $1500.


Oh, I thought it was Valentino and Matilda Banteah - Zuni.?.?.

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This is my example of Matilda and Victor Banteah


I think the B is a little obliterated, it’s certainly is VMB style, of that there is no doubt.

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And I thought mine that I put a picture of above was always Victor Moses Begay until I posted it here.

I believe Valentino and Matilda Banteah have periods after their initials (V.M.B.) and do more inlay style work whereas Victor Moses Begay does not use periods between initials (VMB). I have the same squash in coral and it’s also stamped VMB!