Zuni style cuff with unusual inlay material

Hello again!
I came across an interesting looking zuni cuff today at a flea market. The coloring is most unusual. I’m hoping someone might be able to shed a little light on what the inlay might be made of. Wood? Shell? Coral? There is no hallmark or signature on the back.

What might be a fair price to pay?
It does have a tiny whole in two corners for a safety chain. Would that devalue it?

Thanks again to all you super sluths! Us “young grasshoppers” in turquoise enjoy learning so much! Sandy


The red sections would probably be coral, the brown looks kind of like some form of taxidermy/hide but it isn’t easy to see could you get a picture with a larger section of it

Brown material is tortoise shell. :turtle:


Wow, now that you say it, it’s obvious. Is that a fairly common material?

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No you can no longer harvest or use it. There are also probably some restrictions on selling. I personally would buy it in a heartbeat. :blush:


Tortoiseshell was banned in 1973…


Oh wow! I never would have guessed. Thank you all for weighing in! After further inspection, there is a signature and date that reads:
P. Lucio
That would put it after the 1973 ban. Hmmmm


A very pretty cuff. Saw some earrings on Ebay by the same artist.

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Some materials are given a pass by our Indigenous People. Possible could be horn?

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