Zuni thunderbird

Hello. I have an thunderbird pin or pendant who is hallmarked with K.U. and Zuni. Does anyone know this artist or this hallmark?
I wish you all the best and have a good time.
Blessings max

Hello, it would be helpful if you included a picture of the workmanship and hallmark. It helps to know if this is an older or newer piece and to have a look at the stye. Thank you.

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I have a name Karla Unkenstine. However, when I do a google search I do not pull up anything. I will check this name with some Zuni friends.

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Very nice Thunderbird, sharp , very clean. I adore Thunderbirds…made of Gemstone Grade Turquise or heated Red Dairy Queen Spoons…Love them All. Will post a personal favorite, hope you like mine. Best.