The bolo bird is marked on back with a scratched AIH.
The belt buckle has no markings. (These were not purchased together. I believe both were bought in N. Calif. in second-hand shops.)
Can anyone suggest possible dates and artists?

Could you please download some pics?


pictures you requested are up

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Pictures you asked for are up

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The bolo has a resemblance to the Hopi Bird bolo style of Frank Vacit, 1940s-1960s. It would be normal for it not to be signed, and those etched letters would be a trader’s price code. The sunface makes me thing of JD Massie’s work, but I’m not certain.

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All add that Zuni families many times pass down the designs and found a buckle that resembles the work of April Unkestine, now you just need a family tree. Great pieces.