950 Silver Wave Pendant 'MR' and Snake Stamp

Good afternoon all! I have a silver pendant that I purchased at auction. Cannot seem to identify its maker and/or origin. The letters stamped are ‘MR’ and there is what appears to be a snake stamp above the letters. Anyone out there recognize this maker? Many thanks to all for helping!


Super-cool pendant! Wish I knew more and hope you find out!

Does it remind anyone else of A Nightmare Before Christmas ?

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I don’t know what to think of the pendant. It wants to be a piece of Hopi jewelry but the symbolism and etching just isn’t right. Also, that 950 mark isn’t what you see on Native American jewelry, it would be a 925 (not commonly used) and usually a sterling mark is used instead. Last a famous Hopi artist by the name of Morris Robinson used a snake hallmark, but this one is off and it makes you

Great movie, I was thinking more of a Van Gogh inspired piece.


It has a Pacific NW look to me.

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you normally see carving/crosshatching, or very specific styles of linework in PNW first nations silver work, rather than a Hopi-style overlay with etching/texturing on the under plate. It’s got a neat look to it, i would call it Hopi-inspired.

that hallmark is odd - it looks like two different marks, and one of them was struck out. i can’t seem to make out if it is the same stamp, what’s left of the one doesn’t completely line up with the remining snake mark.

The snake mark looks like it’s in the form of a cursive capital L to me. Could that be a clue?