A Few Treasures Today While on the Hunt

Had a house call for jewelry today. Mostly gold but there were these three NA pieces. The bracelet looks like it has some age (and repairs) to it. I gently re-formed it on the bracelet mandrel.


Amazing finds! I especially love that huge green turquoise. Yowza! And you did a great job of reshaping the cuff.

What are all the symbols on the ring? I think I see a spider and a lizard for sure, maybe a … rabbit?

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There is also a tepee, bear, butterfly, and mountain.


@StevesTrail Very, very nice finds. Seriously liking that green turquoise! The pin/brooch is lovely. In the 1950s, the circle was a very popular jewelry design. Often made in gold mounted with pearls or gemstones (or rhinestones for costume jewelry.) Makes me wonder if your turquoise brooch could be from that time period. Cute 'lil ring, too.

Love the cuff, and that stone is really beautiful.

Almost forgot the Anne Jane Harvey (Mexico) cat pin.


Oh hello kitty! That is a sweet little pin.