Any help on value on this intricate kay johnson anglo large charm thx

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I’m not sure who kay johnson is, but i would have staked money that this was a phillippine import. value is relative to whatever someone is willing to pay, and how good the salesman is at convincing someone it’s native-made of natural materials. there may be some natural materials in there, but there’s block and faux stones too. idk about value, but i think it’s trying too hard to be something its not.


There is a Kay Johnson, Anglo, who makes “Southwest” style jewelry, but it’s nothing like this. It’s cabs of turquoise in silver settings in the manner of conventional Navajo work. I haven’t seen anything in the micromosaic style by them. I agree this is probably Phillippines imitation stuff. The garish colors, indeterminate design, the faux opal, all of it–

@oldpawn21 What were you told about it? Did someone say it was Kay Johnson or did you deduce that?


ok i was thinking same thing, nothing like her style, thx for verifying

This reminds me of a recent thread on inlay, Inlayed bracelet

the marking on the back are here hallmarks looked it up on native american website the the bent arrow and sterling

Kay Johnson is not Native and HE and his son make the southwestern style jewelry. They seem to do quality work but I’ve never seen this type of inlay attributed to them.


Looks to me like offshore merchandise made to look “Native American”. You can walk into many stores (all of which carry the same foreign merchandise) on 5th Ave in Scottsdale, and find tons of stuff that looks like this. None of it is labeled with country of origin, and quite often it is misattributed to often non-existent Native American makers, or individuals whose names are being used without their permission, and who did not make the items attributed to them.