Any thoughts on this stone

So I bought this years ago in a little shop in Sedona, and the owner wrote on the receipt natural Nevada turquoise. She thought it was possibly Pilot Mountain. I know we’re always just guessing on here, but what do you all think? I put the side view because I think Jason has said Pilot Mountain is a flatter cut (or something like that).


Yes, that was on a ring of mine - where he said Pilot Mountain has a thinner cut vs Royston. Gorgeous stone!! :heart_eyes:


That’s right, that’s what I was remembering, thanks! I totally love your ring; it’s completely my style. My stone doesn’t look much like yours at all. So I don’t know what it is.


And then there’s this one I have that looks a bit more like Pilot Mountain to my untrained eye. But I assume it’s prob Kingman. The only info I have on it is that it’s Navajo made with turquoise. I bought it at the Eiteljorg Western Art Museum a loooong time ago.

Oh my gosh, it’s really funny how my voice texting tries to spell Eiteljorg :joy:


Ooooo, that one’s really gorgeous! I just LOVE that rich reddish brown matrix! :heart_eyes:


These rings are both beautiful! :heart_eyes:
I especially adore the elongated one!


Thank you both. I haven’t worn the second one much lately, guess I will have to get it out more!

Anyone have any guesses on the turquoise mine of origin? Just for fun…


Well I’m notoriously bad at identifying mines, lol. I always play a game here - when I see a stone I try to guess, before looking at everyone else’s opinion. I’m probably batting 30-40%, but only with the really obvious (as If… :joy:) ones.

I will say that last one looks a bit like the last Pilot Mountain pic Jason posted in the post I linked - Bright blue with reddish brown matrix, but yours is even redder, and seems to have some black in it too, so… ? Red Mountain? That stone seems to have some black in addition to the red but is another rarer stone. :woman_shrugging:

Your first one looks like a thicker cut to me with more greens, so I’d probably go more towards Royston. Is that a little quartz on the edge there?

I could look at turquoise all day.


Yes, turquoise is fun!

And I just guess also, mostly Kingman :laughing:! But the first can’t be Kingman if it’s from NV (and the seller was sure on that). I wondered about Royston.

As to the second ring, I don’t know enough about the matrix shape in Pilot Mountain to know. I would doubt Red Mountain since it’s more rare, and I didn’t pay a huge amount for it, although it wasn’t cheap. The second ring was higher priced than the first, but that could be because I bought it at a museum gift shop.

Edit: also found some Turquoise Mountain that looked similar to the second ring. So …:person_shrugging:
Maybe Jason will weigh in later this week😁


Anyone else have any thoughts on where these stones might be from? I like the first ring best, but maybe should wear the second more often.

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hmmmmmm :thinking:

I had to reduce the opacity of your ring because of the high polish and glare to make the blend doable.

the kingman block is not polished until slabbed and cabbed and you can see your ring emerging as
the opacity is increased

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Very likely Kingman on this one (they so often are). But I’m not sure what you mean by block. I’m pretty positive it’s real stone (although prob stabilized), because of where I bought it; they are very credible, and it was definitely sold as legit turquoise, not block (also on the receipt). But … interesting…

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Steve, i’m not getting a block vibe from this ring. in the kingman block, you can see some edges of the blue blebs/nibs that are obvious cut edges against another blue bleb/nib, where the blues are different tones, and areas where the brown matrix has a stringlike quality where it is compressed between the blue blebs/nibs. i dont really see that in this stone where the shapes and flow and tones all seem much more “organic” for lack of a better word. of course, it’s getting harder and harder as block quality gets better and better, but i’m just not seeing it in this particular ring. My non-professional opinion only.


I bought this prob around '99 or 2000, so not super new.

This is what made me wonder Turquoise Mountain.


Is it Sonora Sunrise turquoise?

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I’ve never even heard of that! Constantly learn something new in here. How long has that been around? My ring is at least 20 years old.

Edit: No, I Googled that, and it says it’s a type of Chrysocolla.This is most definitely turquoise.

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