Aurora, did you see them?

Thank you for sharing your latest pics. It seems like you had more red this time.

Yes. It was like a light maroon for a while. The photos are kind of bad, but I was so tired after work.

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I appreciate you taking the time to capture and share them with us.


Lovely pics, @fernwood! I really enjoy the sense of movement in them. It’s magical to watch them swirling and pulsating.

Last night (Saturday) was a dud locally, but supposedly tonight (Sunday) should be more promising. Also quieter, crowd-wise! Last night a solemn procession of dozens of people on bikes and e-bikes made their way in single file down to the coast area where we saw the lights Friday night. A flash mob on wheels, maybe! It was eerily charming.

P.S. Actually it was a bike rave. The coloured fairy lights on the bicycles were the closest we got to seeing the aurora that night :laughing:


Yes, that’s his belt and sword.

Beautiful pictures everyone! I’m so sorry I missed it.


Because Sunday and Monday nights were a bust, my husband and I consoled ourselves by watching a CBC Nature of Things documentary on the northern lights (44 minutes). It’s really good — and answered all my questions and then some.


I will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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