Big Pettit Point Cluster Ring By Erecka Lee

I found this giant Pettit Point cluster ring. The shank has stamp work on it. I am hoping this is natural untreated turquoise. A couple of the stones have turned colors. I don’t think it is that old. Also I have not seen this Hallmark before and have not been able to find it in any of my books or online.

Edit:This is the work of Erecka Lee. She is the sister of Clarence Lee. As explained further down.



Clarence Lee was known for his amazing storyteller style pieces. I got my wife a fun pickup truck being chased by dogs from him at Indian Market. The ring isn’t what I would think of as his work but the hallmark definitely seems right. I would call this turquoise enhanced Kingman use to be very popular in the 90s.

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I did just come by this.

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Thanks @Jason for setting me in the right direction. I found this in the Barton Wright book. It says the hallmark was also used by siblings along with their initial and this has an E and one of the sisters was named Erica.

I LOVE Clarence Lee’s storyteller cuffs and have been on the lookout for a good one for a little bit now. I love this ring too, quite the statement, and the stamping on the band is a nice addition. The very glassy appearance of the turquoise does make me wonder if it’s treated or stabilized in some way, though.

This is a link to a post by BigBree43 with a picture of Erecka Lee at the Autry Museum 2019 Indian Arts Market.

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