Birds, birds, and more birds

So let’s look at our bird jewelry! I’ll start with what I call my “real” ones.

The Hopi eagle earrings I got in Moab and are by Cyrus Josytewa, the inlay eagle is by Carlene C Leekity and was a gift from my nephew, and the hummingbird and quail are by Duane Maktima (my mom bought them at the Eiteljorg Indian Art Market).

I bought this ring (Bobby Shack) which was a pawn piece in Steamboat Springs, and I’m lucky to still have it. First it lost a big stone which I had replaced, and then it slipped off my finger (nooooo) as I was throwing some clothes into a Goodwill box in a parking lot. The staff was kind and hunted it down for me. If they hadn’t, maybe one of you all would have gotten it as a deal on the Goodwill site :laughing:

The ring’s nice, because it’s ever so slightly curved to fit a finger better.


Raven earrings. Purchased in 2003 in a bulk box of Vintage Native American jewelry pieces and parts.
I added the ear wires as they came with 1950’s or 60’s screw backs.
I think the Ravens are Jet. The Turquoise appears to be Sleeping Beauty, but I could be mistaken.

The Raven has deep symbolism in Native American culture. The specific attributes vary regionally. In some areas he is the keeper of secrets. It is considered symbolic of transformation, knowledge and understanding. The tribal holy men called upon the Raven in rituals for clarity in visions. The Raven was also believed to have long-distance healing powers.


I love those! And I love ravens. They make me think of Canada, northern MI, and the west, because we would hear them call so much. We used to camp quite a bit, and we would joke that we didn’t need an alarm since the ravens would start calling at 5:00 am like clockwork.


I have some birds!
Roadrunners and owls.
These came from mother-in- laws collection.
None are marked.


I love them! Owls and roadrunners are such interesting birds. I also like how you arranged them on the fabric. Roadrunners running in opposite directions! Do you have them around ABQ? I can’t remember.


Glad you all posted. My hubby just had a hip replacement (went well) and I’m sitting around waiting while he’s in recovery.


Yes, roadrunners are everywhere. (Coyote lives here, too!)
They are amazing and also amusing.
I love to see them running off with a lizard in their beak! They come in our yard often.
Oh, I wish your hubby a speedy recovery!


Thanks! He’s doing well. Now when we go to CO late Sept he should be able to hike without hip pain, yay.

I’ve seen them in AZ and TX, love watching them.


Best wishes for his recovery! He’ll love it, and so will you. Hiking the mountains that soon might be a bit of a stretch though. Don’t ask me how I know :wink:


I love your comment about Goodwill :joy: and I loved the nice shops in Moab. Nice collection!


Did someone say birds? I have some! I love bird designs. Here are a few:

Mid century Zuni inlay bracelet, artist unknown.

Cast silver bird pin with “PINE SPRINGS” hallmark on the back. An unusual hallmark that I haven’t seen before; Pine Springs was an area of the Navajo Nation particularly know for its casting work.

A grouping of three birdies. Upper left, modern tufa cast eagle pendant by Joel Pajarito, Kewa. Upper right, UITA5 stamped roadrunner pin featured in Billie Hougart’s book, “The Native American Silver Jewelry Renaissance.” Bottom center, UITA22 stamped eagle pin.

I have more, but I may have to dig up or retake pictures.


Meant to add, @Ziacat, best wishes for a fast and smooth recovery for your husband!


Beautiful, I love them all! The cuff is amazing, but I’m especially drawn to your little tufa eagle. Thanks for sharing!!

I definitely have some more I’ll add eventually. My ones that aren’t “official” birds.

We’re home from the hospital, and he’s doing well. Thanks!


I call first dibs on that UITA22 eagle pin if @OrbitOrange ever decides to sell. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ziacat :grinning: Just wanted wish your hubby a speedy recovery. Great idea for a thread too.

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Actually, @hisweetpotato gave me the idea with her post about her cute little hummingbird pin/pendant.


I have a little quail necklace…hallmark unknown.
FH thunderbird cuff
Walter Polelonema…TOP RIGHT…roadrunner??
And what about a cute little butterfly pin/pendant by Polequeptewa

I hope all went well with the hip replacement.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All beautiful! I bet that’s a roadrunner, and you have a quail too. But the butterfly…sweet!

And thanks, I think he’s doing pretty well.

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Thanks. You came up with the idea. I will have to post a couple of other bird NA works. Glad your husband is doing good.


@Ziacat Sending well wishes to the hub. I’m waiting for your Mary Tafoya birdie!

I’ll “play” in this thread before long.