Bisbee Cuff by Darrell Cadman

I keep finding these awesome deals. 2-1/8" at the widest part of the cluster. Size 7 with a 1-3/8" opening. It weighs 121g. The conchos on either side measure 2’ x 2-1/2" and fan terminals are 1-13/16" wide. Could you call it Smokey Bisbee?


Possibly, but I would guess Candelaria. Isn’t that an amazing piece?

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This is kind of off the wall, but now I can’t unsee it. :rofl: On this image, the top of the image, which is the side of the cuff. It takes on the image of an Owl’s face with big eyes and ears and a furrowed brow. Maybe peeping out from behind the stones…or maybe just a big puffy chested owl…


Oh, yeah, I see it! :laughing:

That wise old owl is telling you that you did good! Killer cuff!

That cuff is out of this world! The silver work is amazing.

Question - what are the little silver, domed studs, in between the stones and in the “owl’s eyes” called? I see these used in new and vintage Navajo and Zuni pieces. My 1940s knifewing has them as well. They look like tiny vintage Navajo buttons, but I’m curious what they are actually called when used in this size.


Hogan button seems to be used a lot describing them.


What a beautiful piece of artistry.

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You hear the artists refer to them as shots. This is how they are made…0…1…gws-wiz…0j0i131j0i10j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j33i160j33i299j33i22i29i30.JzFG3uWAbxo&ved=0ahUKEwjZhpTM-fTlAhUUt54KHce3A3EQ4dUDCAs&uact=5


Thanks Steve and Jason!

I would call this Bisbee, this might be Donovan’s mark. I sent him and Darrell a picture so they could give us some background.

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Thanks Jason, I was under the impression that Donovan used his full name of Donovan and Darrell just used the initial D.

It is confusing

This is my most recent purchase from Darrell

Most recent from Donovan

an older Donovan piece

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Well, I guess I should be calling this an older Donovan Cadman then.

I still haven’t heard from either of them, but I think your first guess is the correct one. Darrell uses that Concho design stamp in several pieces.

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Thanks Jason, I’ll wait and see I you hear anything.

I’ll be happy to wear that for you anytime. Don’t want it to just lie around feeling neglected! :rofl:


That ring is amazing and I love big rings like that

They’re stamped beads, created by first forming a round bead under a hot flame and then cold forging the bead into a beading block deeply stamped with the negative image of the bead. This is still a technique widely used, and by itself isn’t an indication of age.

Any intentional resemblance to an owl in the work is very unlikely, as the appearance of an owl in Navajo culture is related to death, and Navajos generally avoid owls and owl imagery like the plague.


I messaged the guys at Reeves Dine Silversmiths about this cuff. These are screen snips of the conversation.

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