Blankets Anyone? Mexican or NA?

Now for a couple of blankets stored in trunks c1880 - post WWI. They look Mexican to me. They were wrapped in old stiff paper only marked “Indian blankets”.

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Agree, they look Mexican, but I’m not familiar with old Mexican blankets. Here’s an older interesting thread on this. Two Grey Hills? Vintage Rug

I like your rugs! We had one that our cat just shredded :weary: But it’s not old.

I’m no rug expert, but I do know that Navajo rugs never have fringe, due to their weaving method.


Not Navajo. These look South American to me.


Thanks everyone! That helped and lead me to Mesoamerican Saltillo Serape: Mexican, Peruvian, Andean.


Oh no! What a heartbreaker