Two Grey Hills? Vintage Rug

Am relying on my memory for this, which is not the best.
Purchased at a yard sale in Flagstaff, AZ in the 1980’s. Sellers showed us an Arizona Highways Magazine from the 1970’s that featured this rug and another one they also were selling. Both had moth damage, this less than the other one. Both were attributed to specific weavers and from 1900-1920’s. Purchase price of $75.00.
One of the Navajo “Grandma’s” where I worked repaired the moth damage for $50.00.

The other rug featured a very unique pattern in bright colors with “people” performing everyday tasks of the time. Lots of yellows, reds and some blues in this one, in addition to traditional colors. Unfortunately, moths had destroyed about 40% of it.

Size is 70” by 50”. Photo of hung on the sandstone colored wall shows only the upper half. This one shows the true colors. Other photos were taken in my very dark house today.

Now that I am more knowledgeable about this style of rug, I do have some concerns. The weft is only about 20 strands per inch. Understand that most vintage Two Gray Hills have a weft count much higher. The only comparison I have, also has about 20 strands per inch. The second rug pictured was made by a Navajo co-worker of mine in 1986. Her first rug, ever made, under the guidance of her Mother. I purchased this for $40.00 as a present for my Mother.

I am also concerned that the weft pattern has an extra strand on the outer edges of the Two Grey Hills pattern rug. This would indicate a rug made in Mexico.

Any ID help would be appreciated. Also any current values for each. If the Two Grey Hills one is valuable, I need to increase my insurance.

Thank you.

Hello, beautiful rugs. The first rug has Two Grey Hills colors, but the pattern is referred to as a storm. A Two Grey Hills will have a diamond pattern. This is a very nice piece and is definitely worth more than your $75 purchase price. It is always difficult to give a value with a picture, due to not being able to feel the rug and see the damage. The rug is large and would guess this piece to be somewhere around $1200 - $1500 if you found it in a gallery. I wouldn’t have guessed the piece to from the 1900 - 1920s. The other rug I would call a Chinle Pattern and would value around $400. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much. Is there any way to positively identify if is from Mexico or US Native American? I was going off a 1970;s book on identifying authentic “Indian” art. Also any info an dating appreciated. I was going off what the owners said and what was printed in the article. Considering attributed age, it is in great condition. The repairs are a little rough.

Most of the yarn is about the same thickness as the Chinle patterned one. Some is a little heavier.
Overall, this is a very heavy rug. Can try to weigh it if that helps.

Very surprised to learn value on the Chinle one.

Thanks again.

These are Navajo rugs.