Block turquoise chart

I found this chart depicting all kinds of block turquoise available to purchase. Always be aware of what you are buying! I found that gently “tapping” the stone against my teeth is a good test that I can do on site (before purchasing) without damaging the stone. Genuine turquoise will sound like glass when gently tapped against your tooth. Block will sound like plastic. It sounds like a crazy thing to do, but I promise it works!

Block turquoise, sometimes called synthetic turquoise, contains no turquoise at all. It is made by combining inert ingredients, dye, and usually a resin to form blocks that can be cut or shaped. The mixture can also be poured directly into molds to create most any desired shape.


Thank you…Yup, It looks just like that, the fact that it was kinda on the green side threw me. I never suspected it wasn’t real or I would have done the hot needle test in a less conspicuous spot. As it was, it melted like butter. Another lesson learned.

They even went the extra mile and added flecks of pyrite to the mix! I’ve bought lots of block turquoise over the years, accidentally of course. Always an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.


Good information here, thank you!