Bright green Turquoise?

I need a quick answer if anyone is browsing on here today. I love these green beads but not sure about them so Real or Fake? They have been in a where house that caught on fire so that is soot on there hands.


Looks more like gaspeite to me.


It is a gaspeite color, not familiar enough to tell from an image if it is real or not. This is a picture of a fake stone

This is being called real, like I said hard to tell from a picture

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It looks green all the way through the hole. Jeez could i get lucky enough to get Gaspeite! Its a risk but i know the girl, she bought this stuff like 20 years ago and her wherehouse caught on fire. Most is labeled with price tag.

Hmmm, not quite as bumpy as the magnasite pictured. It never occurred to me that it could be Gaspeite with that bright Banna green. I have small native American Gaspeite earrings i bought in Sadona years ago so i could use them to compare it to. Thanks Jason. One question i have been wondering. Do they drill the holes before or after they dye the fake stones? I thought these were drilled rather odd as the holes are in the center of the stone but they look green around the hole. Ok well i think its worth a chance, Lol.

This may definitely be something you don’t want to do! But if you break one of the stones open you might get a better idea of what it is? That may be bad advice. :grimacing:

Here is a picture of some gaspeite

There are at least two beads in that picture that make me think you may have Orvil Jack Turquoise/Faustite. It’s not always easy to tell without handling it but I would put my money on Orvil Jack.

I would of bought them just for the fun of it but she lost them…ugh