Can we share our squash blossoms?

I just saw this on Instagram and thought it was so interesting!


This petite squash belonged to my mother-in-law.
The naja is sand or tufa cast.

Here is a photo of her wearing it in 1972. She was from Isleta Pueblo. She was probably dressed for a festival/feast day.


@Stracci Your MIL looks lovely wearing her pretty squash blossom necklace. Such a beautiful smile. To me, it’s always extra special to receive a cherished piece of jewelry from family.


Beautiful on all accounts. Thank you for sharing the photos and family memories. :blue_heart:


@Patina @here4turquoise
She was a great and classy lady, loved by all.
Except when she was strict with her sons!
We have the bracelets she is wearing, as well.
I don’t know about the shorter necklace, perhaps someone else has it now.


This is my heaviest squash by far at 264g or well over a half a pound! You definitely know you have something around your neck at ALL times! :crazy_face:


She’s beautiful, with a joyous smile! Love it! I agree with Patina, having pieces from your family is so special.


What an amazing squash blossom. I really like the different textures. Thank you for sharing it.

What model scale do you use? I’m thinking about buying one.

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@here4turquoise It’s just a cheap scale from China. Here’s the only info I have, it’s the sticker on the back! It was purchased by my late wife something like 8 or 9 years ago at a place called " Big Lots" which was a seconds and surplus kind of place. The weight limit is 1700g or approx 3.75 oz.

@AC Thank you for the information. I want it to weigh the NA jewelry.

Added note. I worked for Big Lots from 85 - 89. It’s not the same as it used to be. Back then or was buyouts, liquidations and whatever other companies didn’t want.

@here4turquoise, sorry I’m so late getting back to you. I was out of town and wanted to get a few pictures for you. Most of my older, heavier pieces I store flat in Riker Mount display cases. They have clear glass tops so it’s easy to see the pieces without opening boxes. There are tons of them available online and they come in a variety of sizes and depths.
Here are some examples with the top removed, these are strung on chain

These last pieces are quite old and strung on thin cord; I wear them together and I’m always a little fearful they might break :flushed:


Killin’ me with those bead necklaces! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: And everything else. I’m going to look up your cases and see about them for necklaces and cuffs.

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They take up a bit more room to store, but if you’re neurotic about older pieces breaking (Iike me :grimacing:), they help a bit :wink:


Beautiful. You have great taste!! Thank you for taking time to photograph and share. I appreciate it.

I was hoping to see more of them!
I’ll toss in another. This one in jade, the subject of my first post on this site.


Here’s another! No hallmark, simple but weighty at 210g with natural turquoise. Excuse my fuzzy necklace bust.


@markyboy57 Wow, this is the 2nd most unique squash blosssom necklace that I’ve seen! (The 1st being posted here recently with cowrie shells.) Jade is sooo beautiful. Your squash necklace is just fabulous.

@markyboy57 Your squash blossoms are stunning.

That is a nice one! Unique and I love unique!
It just looks heavy by how it’s constructed.


I really liked that one with the cowry shell bugs.
Never seen one like it before.