Can you ID the maker of this pendant marked on bail and back?

I have saved links to various sites that offer lists of maker’s marks by name but I’m not having any luck finding sites to ID the maker of this pendant who used only symbols. The mark on the back includes the stick arrangement which is also on the bottom front of the bail.
If no one knows who made this pendant, do the cloud or dot symbols suggest a particular group of artists? Thanks in advance!

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If the master sleuth Steve can’t find it (I believe he tried), you may be out of luck for now; maybe someone will eventually run across it. I couldn’t find it.

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Yikes! Did I already ask here? I’m sorry if so. I thought I checked my previous posts first.

No worries. Where can I find a good listing of pictograph (non text) marks for NA jewelry?

If it’s on the Internet, Steve would find it.

Boy, I’m embarrassed. Thanks for the reply.

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Don’t feel bad! And someone may still run across it; that has happened before :grin:

Can’t tell you who made it, but from a technical perspective this has the look of an item hand made in quantity in a production setting. Typically, items of this nature will be made in a workshop setting, either in a home, or production shop, and more often than not more than one individual is involved in various aspects of fabrication and finishing.


@Juniper That’s a really nice pendant. The bottom mark on the bail I see as letters “TPL”. I also see TPL on the pendant’s reverse with the addition of dots & mountain peaks(?). Just my thoughts on it.

Yes, I agree, but I can’t connect the initials or image to a maker. Oh, well, I’ll just have to leave it a mystery. Thanks!

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Interesting! If more than one person involved, would each mark it somehow?

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Probably not. This is often a family enterprise where mom or dad works with a spouse, children, uncles, cousins, and the head honcho silversmith usually puts their hallmark on it.

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Thank you! So the conjoined letters and the cloud/dots mark on mine probably relate to one person or studio?

Most likely. It is an unusual hallmark and looks heavy on symbolism. Maybe someday we’ll come across the maker or story behind it.