Catch on brooch keeps falling open

I have this Hopi pin-pendant by the late Virgil Thomas. It’s lovely, but the clasp holding the pin crossbar (terminology?) in place keeps falling open — see third photo.

Is there a simple way I can McGyver it to keep the catch/pin in place? Or are my choices between (1) a repair by a jeweller or (2) just wearing it as a pendant? Not that option 2 is a great hardship, but I’m one of those rare people who love to wear brooches, too :laughing:

Extra points if you can identify the design. I don’t know for sure (and the seller didn’t try to guess), but I think I see an ear of corn. It’s a Rorschach test!


You just need to use a pair of pliers and squeeze the outer pieces against the inner sliding part to tighten it up a bit.


I will do it! Thank you so much, @StevesTrail !

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Thank you for asking the question, @chamekke, and thank you for the answer, @StevesTrail! I have the same problem with a pin that I wear only as a pendant. It was one I got from my mom, and practically I never wear it, because the bar won’t stay closed. Problem solved!!


Love this! my guess is waterbug.


I also add one of those fish hook earring little stoppers at the end of the pin part, just inside the catch, so that if the catch slides open, my brooch won’t slide off my shirt/sweater/whatever I’m wearing it on. My North Coast Hamatsa brooch has a habit of falling open, so am going to try Steve’s method (and still use my little keeper as well).


That’s brilliant, @RedlandMaggie . I may do that along with @StevesTrail ’s suggestion, for extra insurance. Thank you!