Christmas belt

I ordered a Britwest belt for Christmas and it arrived today. It doesn’t have turquoise and isn’t Native American, but it’s so freakin’ cool I had to post it. It’s made from old reclaimed leather (her belts use leather from saddles, bridles, driving reigns, etc,) that she works and works to soften, so it has amazing personality. This one has steel studs all over, quite rock and roll.

The studs that you use to snap on the buckle are a little too big to fit my mom and dad’s vintage buckles, but a number of my others work.

I added a Navajo turquoise buckle in the pic so my post still makes sense for the forum :laughing: Now I just have to have enough self control to put it away for Christmas…


That is really cool, her stuff always has a great look.


Great looking belt and the buckle you paired it with is perfect! :+1:


Love this! Vicki Turbeville used to sell interesting belts and cuffs, some of them studded, from old repurposed leather. I have a couple of those cuffs with old Navajo silver and turq buttons sewed on but not as cool as this with the studs.
You’ll rock it! :star_struck:


Thanks all! I was a wee bit bummed that my mom and dad’s silver buckles didn’t fit on it, although my dad’s scrimshaw one does, but it’ll make me wear my others more. The leather is quite heavy, but nicely soft. She does do some custom work, and I have some old stirrup leathers of my mom’s, so maybe someday I’ll see if she can make one of those into a belt.

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Zia, are the belt attachment bars on the back of your mom and dad’s buckles large enough to accept the width and thickness of your new belt? If yes, the studs/snaps they used can probably be replaced with something smaller. I prefer Chicago screws because they’re relatively small, come in a variety of lengths, and can be screwed down tight to compress the leather and allow more clearance. Just a thought.

Here’s a good source: Chicago Post and Screw Sets | Made in the USA


Yes, they work with the thickness and width; it’s just that the studs are too long.

I was wondering if there were shorter ones, thank you for the link. I think I’ll check with a local guy who has worked on my saddle - he’s a wizard with this stuff. However, I’m thinking it’s possible because of the thickness of the belt and the way the studs work, they may need to be longer or they may not fit through both layers of the leather.


I can’t see the back side of the studs. Are they attached with screws or are they riveted on? Chicago screws come in different lengths, so the thickness of the belt won’t matter. The advantage is you get a flat head and compression. Good luck!

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Great belt AND buckle!!

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Thank you! I haven’t been wearing it as much, so maybe I’ll wear it more often now with the new belt. I found it in a fun antique store in Bisbee, AZ. It’s signed J Begay. I’ve looked him up and he’s a pretty interesting fellow; he did some acting. Then recently I found this!