Christmas bracelet fake or real

I didn’t realize the pics didn’t attach. Thank you!!


Welcome. It would be very helpful to see the front side for evaluation. Thanks.

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Looks like that might be nickel.

The top I didn’t think looked nickel but this view it does.

Jason, are you seeing a top side? I only see the back. Thanks

Hi guys, to help with the question is this nickel or not and you don’t have access to a test kit, Just wipe it off and pop it into your mouth. Nickel, or German silver as it’s often known as, has no silver content at all. Nickle is also odorless and tasteless and has an almost slick feeling on the tongue. Sterling silver and lower grades have a copper smell and a copper / metallic taste due to the copper content in the metal and the electrons reactions to the slightly acidic saliva in the mouth. The cheaper the silver the more it will taste like a copper penny. Also sterling silver will have a dry feel to the tongue- like a dry wine! Happy tasting! Kyle


I had this vision of everyone at home grabbing a piece of jewelry and licking it (after yelling at my toddlers years ago “Don’t put that in your MOUTH!”) :laughing:


The stones feel like plastic and they are whittled off on the sides. One stone is deeper color than all the rest and a different material. I have a chance to return this if it’s not quality

I’m so sorry if you were deceived. My estimate is that this is nickel silver with imitation turquoise. It would be great to get your money back.

Here’s a thread you may find interesting:

Thank you so much. I don’t know much but I had a feeling it was fake the minute I opened it. It was 3 days past their ‘30 days’ so can’t return. :disappointed:

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Did you pay through PayPal? If so, it might be worth pursuing it how


I think it has happened to all of us, that we have ended up with something that was far less than what we thought it was from time to time. Seems to be one of the pitfalls of growing your knowledge, and also a hazard of buying online. Many times, sellers don’t even know what they have.

I have taken several of my pieces to a local jeweler to have them look at the stones and/or test for silver. If you have access to someone who is more versed in native American crafts, that is better yet, but any good jeweler should be able to tell you whether or not a stone is fake or what kind of metal you have.


Thank you. I will do that.

I hadn’t gotten back here to say I did take it up with the seller who refused my return and refund but I had bought it they PayPal and they got my refund. I truly am thankful for all your help!!


I followed your advice and PayPal came thru for me!


That’s great to hear! I’m glad PayPal was able to help you resolve this and get you your money back.