Commisioning a copy of a piece i missed out on - help?

I have a new grail piece that i recently missed out on by underestimating how high i should have bid to balance out my need to obtain them. Classic case of not recognizing how much they would haunt me if i didn’t win them. I should have doubled my max bid.

So, my quest is to find a smith that could make me a similar pair. I’ve been hunting for cabochons that excite me as much as the originals. I have never been a fan of agates in jewelry before, but in trolling around i think i may have a new area to expand my collecting. Woe to my Husband.

I almost hate to post a pic of them because i have a funny feeling one of you goobers may have been bidding against me. If so, please let me know if you would be willing to sell them to me… I have no shame.

SO - my question to you is, can you recommend a native maker that could replicate these, if i provide the stones? It’s a pretty classic dot-and-cloud frame with smooth bezels, with the addition of the curlicues at the top, which are chef’s kiss perfect. I believe these are crazy lace or mexican lace agates.

these earrings keep me awake at night. no lie.


@Jemez2 Ooof, I feel for ya. Being haunted by missed-out-on jewelry is no fun. The earrings are beautiful! So sorry you missed out on getting them. I’m leaning toward Mexican Crazy Lace agates ~ IDK, maybe 'cause the stones are darker in color overall. I hope you find an artist who can make a pair for you and, then share photos of them with us. (P.S. ~ I didn’t bid against you. I don’t do auctions :smiling_face:.)


Oh, I hear you! And you made me lol. Those are gorgeous, and the stones amazing. Good luck!

Since I practically never shop online, I’m not the guilty party :laughing:

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I would check with @Jason or @mmrogers . Or if you could ID the maker they might be able to make a set.


I think those would be haunting me too! And no, it wasn’t me that you were competing against!

Don’t really have anything constructive to add other than just to say that I think they’re beautiful, and I am sure the experts on this group will know just the right person for the job!


I keep coming back to this thread.
Do a search for Lake Superior Agates. They really look like them to me.
There are some Native artists near Lake Superior who do silver smithing with these agates. They are not from SW tribes, but regional ones.
Many other, not Native artists who use Lake superior Agates in jewelry.


I keep coming back to this thread because we was called “goobers” :rofl:


Tee hee hee! Goobers


Do I hear banjos playing? :cowboy_hat_face:


I keep coming back cause all y’all make me laugh :laughing:

Oh! They do remind me of Lake Superior agates! Lake Superior may never give up her dead, but she sure does give up some mighty fine rocks :grin:

Edit: if that makes no sense, blame it on Gordon Lightfoot.


@Ziacat A+++ for Edmund Fitzgerald reference!!! it’s always the right time for a Gordon Lightfoot earworm.

@fernwood I will look at Lake Superior agates! thank you!

@Steve and yes, you are all a bunch of goobers. (said lovingly)


WOWSWERS. that’s quite the rock! I NEEDS IT. …$832…

um. maybe not.


I understood that reference! :laughing:

(That song turned up on Spotify the other day, first time I heard it in years. I was freshly impressed by the powerful lyrics.)


Check with Jewels of the West in Scottsdale. Their artists do customs in different styles. Wizards Workshop in Tombstone also does custom work.

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