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I’ve been following the long running Belt Buckles and Concho Belts thread with lots of informative posts. I recently purchased this Concho Belt and would like thoughts on the age and value. The turquoise cabs are both high domed and flat. Could be a mix of different turquoise.Some of it looks like it could be Classic Bisbee with bright blue and tan matrix . Thoughts on that is appreciated too. The conchos have good depth and patina that’s hard to see in the photos. Thanks everyone
396 grams
Buckle 4x 3.25
Conchos 4x 3
Butterfly 3x 1.375



It looks to be another Tanner belt. Here is a discussion on one. Concho belt age/authentic?

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@Currada Below is an excerpt from the “Belt Buckles & Concho Belts” thread. Didn’t want you to overlook these posts regarding belts that are very similar to your belt…

Bvpdvm - This has to be one of the longest ongoing posts! Wonderful to see the variety of buckles/concho belts and the interest in these wonderful pieces of wearable art!
This is large, heavy old concho belt I recently found at a fabulous cluttered, cloister-phobic dusty antique shop. The owner only carried mainly western, mining and Native American, and had a wonderful variety of huge baskets, pottery and antiquities. In my discussion he pulled out this belt to show me, and of course I had to buy it (and it just happened to fit me!). I know nothing about this style of belt with the wide leather, but the I love the conchos and the amazing patina.
Is there any discussion of this style of belt the concho belt book? I know, I know, I need to buy it🥴.

TAH - Amazing belt, indeed, and beautiful table! :slightly_smiling_face:

The concho belt book only shows wide leather backings/straps on Phase 2 & 3 belts. Narrow straps were used on Phase 1 belts due to the conchos’ open slot centers. I don’t believe there is any significance to the wide leather straps other than style and perhaps a better way of keeping the conchos in place. Personally, I love wide leather concho belts. Your belt would be considered Phase 3 style with closed center conchos, butterfly conchos, and turquoise settings. Shown in the book, here is a belt that appears to be identical.

Bvpdvm - I should have included a picture of the underside showing the attachment of the conchos. The thinner leather that secured the conchos comes through the wide belt and is used as the buckle.

Bvpdvm - Thanks TAH, this is the information I was hoping to find. I knew about the Phase 1 belts with the belt coming through the opening in the middle of the concho, but the narrow belt attaching the conchos under the wide belt was new to me and really pretty cleaver! The leather on mine appears to be original; it’s thick and has a fair amount of discoloration from the conchos, etc.
My husband bought the table at “Cowboy Christmas” at the Grand National rodeo in Las Vegas about 18-20 years ago. We love it!
Thanks again…I’m ordering the book today!

TAH - The one thing I question is if your leather is original due to the tooled line on the edge of the strap. That is quite unique and not really seen on belts this early. Not saying it’s not original, but something to investigate further.

Bmpdvm - Good point, Thanks! Certainly could be an early replacement.

TAH - You probably would have mentioned it, but I’m curious if any of the silver on your belt is hallmarked with “DC-1” like the book belt?

Bmpdvm - I went over it carefully again and did not find anything similar to that hallmark. There are some faint initials scratched into the underside of the buckle. They’re difficult to photograph but it looks like “J AMMOM”. I’m assuming they may be initials of a prior owner ?


Hi Jason. I had read that post but had trouble discerning the difference on the hydraulic press buckle from the handmade. I see now even though my buckle is worn down it still has a line in the metal from the press. When did they start using the hydraulic press? Is there a way to determine age on these belts?

I have a question on another belt if you don’t mind.

Here is the other belt. Due to the style, I was wondering if this would be attributed to Tommy Jackson even though it is not hallmarked? Or are there a lot of other artists doing this style as well? It looks real close to others I’ve seen of his online.

Thanks TAH. You are a wealth of information. Love your long running threads and your buckle collection.

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Thanks Currada. Hydraulic press or not, your belt is still a beauty with some killer stones! :+1:

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To give you an idea on value, here’s one for sale…

This one sold on eBay and has the same twisted wire around the settings as your belt…

Thanks TAH. Prices seem to be all over the place. If you are patient you can get some good deals. I was drawn to the stones in this belt so I’m happy. I love your wife’s belt… it got me looking.


When I first saw the pictures before reading your post I immediately thought Tommy Jackson. I think of the press technology being first half of the 20th century. Those belts would be early 1970s, I think coming out of the demand of the boom.

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I have a similar belt, I believe it is nickel - haven’t tested it but it doesn’t sound like silver and the craftsmanship is so so at best, but the turquoise is quite nice. It’s quite large. Can anyone offer a guess to value?


I really love this one! It’s so different. And I love Tommy


Yes, they are.

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@Currada Not to beat a dead horse, but I was reading my concho belt book last night and came across another belt like yours. The first belt I posted was dated to 1920-1930. The second belt is dated to 1960s. It’s interesting with all the research and experience that went into this book, the dates of creation still greatly vary. Also, no mention of a hydraulic press.

Belt #1

Belt #2

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Thanks for all the information you have posted. It’s helped greatly. I have another belt on my radar using this additional knowledge.

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