Coral? Pendant- Hallmark seems familiar

I bought this today. It has an S with a star for a hallmark. It seems like I have seen that hallmark before . I am not sure if it is coral or not. It’s stamped sterling, weighs 16 grams and is 1- 3/4" wide and 2-1/2" in tall including the bale. I was a bit suspicious because of the very low price until the lady pointed out the missing piece to me, I had not noticed it. I will see if Jason and the guys can plug a new stone in there. Also the bale opens up and snaps shut securely which I’ve not seen before.

Anyone seen that hallmark before? Real coral


That type of bale is termed an enhancer. A replacement finding,

I remembered seeing a post in this forum regarding that hallmark. Hope it helps.


Thank you @Currada, That is probably why it looked familiar.

Dang, I knew the hallmark was familiar. I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it and just bought a giant inlay turquoise pendant with same mark. I went to silver expressions storefront just now and they are selling pieces with a few hallmarks. Not all say Philippines on the silver, but they have the countries in the description. Vietnam is also one with s*. The trading post I bought mine from did not mention it was Asian, only called it Southwestern. :-/