Coral? Pendant- Hallmark seems familiar

I bought this today. It has an S with a star for a hallmark. It seems like I have seen that hallmark before . I am not sure if it is coral or not. It’s stamped sterling, weighs 16 grams and is 1- 3/4" wide and 2-1/2" in tall including the bale. I was a bit suspicious because of the very low price until the lady pointed out the missing piece to me, I had not noticed it. I will see if Jason and the guys can plug a new stone in there. Also the bale opens up and snaps shut securely which I’ve not seen before.

Anyone seen that hallmark before? Real coral

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That type of bale is termed an enhancer. A replacement finding,

I remembered seeing a post in this forum regarding that hallmark. Hope it helps.

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Thank you @Currada, That is probably why it looked familiar.