Cuff with oval Red Mt. turquoise

I’d like to get opinions on Red Mt. turquoise and if the oval stones on my cuff reflect that. I only found one example of an identically made cuff only with round stones and sawtooth bezels instead of the straight bezels on my cuff. No id was shown in the one on line, and the only mark on mine is a 35 (or maybe 31) scribed inside. Basically I’d like to know more about the stones and is the number an inventory number. I’m going to be wearing this not selling it, because it is the only one that fits my wrist. Any information would be great. (Someday I hope to be able to figure out HOW to navigate this forum-it’s still a mystery to me).


My first thought is this is Persian Turquoise.


I took some close ups of my cuff for the stones so they would show the markings better