Did someone say scrimshaw?

@Ziacat posted a cool scrimshaw belt buckle.
So I thought that many of us probably have scrimshaw, too. It pairs beautifully with NA jewelry.

Here is my collection.
The large oval on top is fossilized mammoth ivory.
The tooth is fossilized walrus tooth.
The stick pin is elephant ivory, and the others are bone.

Here is husband’s knife collection. They are all bone. All were purchased on Maui, made by local artisans. Maui was once a whaling port, and scrimshaw is a cottage industry there.


Wow! I only have the one, but I do wear it with my Native jewelry. What are yours etched in?

I think you need to make a still photo for this old thread …Indian Silver and Knife Photography


They are mostly bone. I noted above each picture what materials they are.
I forgot about this ring…I bought the scrimshaw piece loose, and mounted it into a sterling ring for myself. It is bone also.

Funny story…I once worked in a grocery store, and I forgot this ring on the edge of the sink in the restroom. Another employee found it. She came up to me and said, “I found this in the ladies room, and it MUST be yours, who else would have something like this?” Haha!


Thanks, not sure how I missed that :flushed:

I love them all! Very cool.

I did that with a ring at Church once, and had a lady do the same thing! I guess people have us figured out :laughing:


tell youtube to find stan rogers “rollin down to old maui” for you


My only piece.


Yes, a sea shanty! Thanks for this! Stan Rogers is amazing!
Now I am missing my beautiful Maui… :sleepy:

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I love your birds. I sold my Native American fur trapper to someone I know. Have several other inexpensive pieces that I will eventually sell.