Eiteljorg Indian Art Market '22

I’m so excited. It seems like it’s been so long since the market has been live. I believe awhile back on here someone mentioned the Native American gallery at the Eiteljorg was closed for remodeling. It will reopen the Sat of the market.

Sorry, I still haven’t quite figured out how to do a link. The Eiteljorg is in Indianapolis (for those who don’t know).


That is exciting, I know a few artists here in Gallup ready to go.


Here you go. More information and a list of attending artists can be found here: Link


Thank you, TAH…I’ll figure it out eventually.:thinking:

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Have so much fun! We expect a full report with pictures! I’d love to go, maybe one of these years….


I definitely might have to post some jewelry pics if I can’t decide what to buy!

I was hoping to get out west this September and shop for some jewelry, but my brother is very sick so I don’t know if we’ll be able to go, so I’m especially looking forward to going to the art market.


I am headed to this show on Sunday, American Indian Arts Marketplace | Autry Museum of the American West

I’m really looking forward to it!


Counting down till this next weekend…

I had to laugh a little. I noticed that the Eiteljorg Art Market is being presented by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and the Indiana Soybean Alliance. Seriously, there’s more to Indiana than corn and soybeans! :laughing:


Yes, you guys have cars and we have rock and roll history. :yum:

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So true! Although I’m proud to say Johnny Cougar is a Hoosier (that shows my age - to you younger readers that would be John Mellencamp :laughing:).

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@Ziacat Okay, Miss Zia, we need a full report. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was pretty awesome, but that’s not a surprise! Like a dummy I totally forgot to take pics. I was glad to see so many people there, and I hope the artists did well. So much beeeautiful (my phone kept trying to correct that) jewelry. My hubby and sister in law went with, and even though neither wear much jewelry, they enjoy looking and meeting the artists. My sis in law said, “is it bad that I’m most excited about getting a Navajo Taco?” :laughing: It was too fun to be able to order something Christmas style in IN! The green and red chile on the taco was tasty, could close my eyes and imagine NM.

But back to jewelry…
I bought a sandcast cuff from Ira Custer (I have a pair of his earrings so I was happy to see him); I love his work.

I thought I was going to buy a necklace from Mary Tafoya, who had such beautiful items, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I have quite a few of her pieces, and what I really wear the most year round are rings (due to my job I wear down coats and ski pants everyday), so I ended up buying a ring from a Navajo gentleman named Milford Calamity.

It has a natural Ithaca Peak stone which has a bit of goldish pyrite that glitters in the sun. I also liked the stamping underneath (he had me with the little stick figure horse) and the thicker pretty band.

I had so looked forward to the market, and it did not disappoint.


Both cuff and ring are very nice! Love all of the extra detail in the ring and that’s a beautiful stone. Glad you enjoyed the market. Great way to lift your spirit! :+1:


Wow that ring :heart_eyes:. Problem with events like this is you miss out on a proportion of what’s all there, just by spending your time however it works out. I find a booth and linger, which is also part of the fun. Ziacat, did you see Patricia Michaels’s booth? It was amazing to meet her and see some of the work, she of Project Runway fame and beyond.

I had a great time there and was so happy to chat with the artists and see things in person. I think I’m gonna do like Ziacat and go back to only buying in person. Mary L Tafoya’s work in person is a whole nother level, I could hardly leave her table.
Oh! And the Eiteljorg museum collection is spectacular, I hated not having enough time to tour it in depth.

Sadly, missed out on the Navajo tacos and fry bread–the line was too too much for that moment in the heat.


Nice choices @Ziacat ! Love that Ithaca Peak stone! The bracelet is great too; I also really like Ira Custer’s cast work (he and his brother Gary both do great cast work). Congrats!


OK two quick snaps. A 10-strand Sleeping Beauty super fine-heishi necklace by Lita Atencio, Santo Domingo, that is absolutely luminous–she says she double buffed it to bring up the shine. She says it’s all natural turq…possible? And Mary Tafoya birdie on heishi necklace.


Thank you all! I love the stone too. I don’t have any other Ithaca Peak that I am aware of.

OMGosh @chicfarmer, those both are amazing! I’ve got one of her birds, but it’s just the bird, and I wear it on a leather cord mostly. The necklace I almost bought was a lot like one I already have (prob why I liked it lol), so glad I got the ring, but seeing yours makes me think maybe next year. And I agree, so fun to talk to the artists.

I don’t think I saw Patricia Michael’s booth, I think I missed quite a bit, partly because there were so many people. I’ll have to Google her. Did you see the chain link buffalo in one of the inside rooms? I think my husband might actually agree to allow that as a lawn ornament :laughing:

It was fun to meet up! Always nice to discuss native art with like minded people. I chatted with one lady who said she told her husband not to come so he wouldn’t see how much she was buying!

And @TAH, it did definitely lift my spirits.

@OrbitOrange, I think I remember you posting a buckle of Ira Custer’s that had a horse on it? I’ve kept my eyes open for one. Unfortunately he said he didn’t make anything with horses this year. Oh well!


At the Tafoya booth I was under consultation with two other customers, one who confirmed my choice and just about insisted I get it. Another gal, when I tried on a pendant of a bee on a flower, said, “That looks horrible!” --laughingly–she was angling for it and it had to be hers. She works in a garden center. These things pick us!


That’s funny. So true! I bet the bee on the flower was beautiful, but I’m partial to birds, so your choice would have been my fav. The morning I left for the market I was trying to find a little silver quail pin/pendant that was my mom’s that she bought at the market years ago cause I wanted to wear it. I couldn’t find it anywhere and was kind of bummed. But I found it yesterday, yay!

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Yes! He was at Free Indian Market in Santa Fe last August and my mom bought this buckle from him:

He also had two fantastic horse themed concho belts that you can see in this picture. He said that he got two casts out of the tufa mold for my mom’s buckle; the other one is the buckle for the concho belt on the left.