Ellen Quam Quandelacy Set

My latest find arrived today. A set consisting of a necklace, earrings, ring and cuff. As opposed to me making a long post on Ellen, I’ve simply included several book entries I found on her and which book each entry is from. I’ve looked fairly extensively and can not find another example of this exact diamond pattern. It’s one of the reasons I decided to get it. If you see another one let me know, I need a matching pin/broach, lol. Lastly, would anyone have an educated guess on the age? She was active for something like 60 years so if it was some of her early work it could be nearing 80 years old or it could possibly be as young as 20ish.

From Schaaf’s 2013 American Indian Jewelry 3

From Schaaf"s 2003 American Indian Jewelry 1

From Bille Hougart’s 4th Edition of Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks

From Zuni, The Art and the People Vol.2

From Barton Wright’s Hallmarks of the Southwest


these set looks really nice. how come I rarely see this kind of quality American turquoise nowadays?


Because AC buys all of it. :grin:


I wished…but that did make me laugh out loud. :rofl:


What a beautiful set. I love the style of this.


That is a gorgeous set! TAH’s answer made me laugh out loud!


Wow! This is most certainly the nicest set I’ve ever laid eyes upon AC … Bravo!

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Thank you Q!, I’m trying to save up for fewer but better pieces as opposed to buying every little thing that catches my eye. Which can keep the reserves somewhat depleted.

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@AC - Curious, are you shifting your focus to Zuni?

I think the older Zuni inlay is my favorite, not so much the new micro-inlay though. But the collection is all tribes. Basketry, pottery, dolls, paintings, posters and all sorts of other things. From Inuit to Seminole.


Showed this to Amy Westley (formerly Quandelacy), she was married to Ellen’s son Dickie. She dated this to the 70s.


Thanks @Jason that is great information to have. Do you know, just cuz I’m nosy, If Wesley is Amy’s maiden name, or if it is because she remarried? I have some things by her but never heard the Wesley name til last summer.

I don’t know, I will ask her the next time I see her. However, Wesley doesn’t sound so Zuni.


As with all great art, all artists are not created equal. And it is time consuming.

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Such a striking, gorgeous set that includes all pieces! I appreciate your posting all of the references!


I think AC should adopt me :wink:


Careful what you wish for where old widowed men with lots of chores are concerned. :rofl: You might get put to work!:tractor::woman_farmer::cow2:

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@AC I like your snowshoes hanging upstairs. Indian made?

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@TAH Yes, native as far as I know. They have some metal parts rings and buckles. The rest of that stuff on the shelves and some other stuff went into 4 used display cases I found cheap on Facebook Marketplace. Hopefully never to have to be dusted again. :rofl:


That looks great! We have 7 seven foot tall barrister bookcases which are seeing more and more of my collection. They aren’t totally dust free but it’s a huge help.