Greetings, Im from the netherlands and i have a question. I sell antiques but found on the market a big silver ring with a turquoise. The ring dates from around 1970. I have no idea if its real. If so I would really like to wear it because i really like turquoise. The matrix is soft and when i rub it with a wet towel it gives of a brownish color. When i try to put a hot needle in it than the needle does not go in the turquoise and the brown matrix an no plastic smell. But the funny thing is that especially when the stone is wet it has a sweet earthy smell. Also when its dry it has some odor. Not like plastic but a bit sweet. Are there turquoise gems with soft matrixes that give a kind of odur or is my stone jast a fake?Thanks and kind regards ( hope my english is understandable)


Welcome to the forum. You have a beautiful piece of turquoise. Does this ring have a hallmark? I would call this a piece of Persian turquoise.

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Hallo Jason, thank you for your answer! Im so happy to hear that it is not a fake. The turquoise is so big that i thought it must be fake. The ring has no hallmark but it’s tested as 925 silver.

Welcome! I think this ring is great! Glad you joined us!

Thank you. Yes the Turquoise is 3,5 cm. I can find alot of information on this forum, very useful. I want to start collecting turquoise because its so beautiful. Some stones give the feeling of a clear blue sky and others make me feel to swim in a ocean. I looked at some pictures of a lander blue turquoise my god what a beauty. For now I only have some persians.

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Well, don’t discount the Persian! Welcome. I once fell in love with a necklace set that looked like an aerial picture of the Caribbean Sea.

It is prettier than it looks in photo. Fox mine from the State of Nevada, USA. Signed by artist & marked sterling. purchased perhaps 2003.


Hello Karne, Very beaitiful! And all the stones have the same color. Hope to find some similar to this here in Holland. Today I found what could be american Turquoise but its a small stone. Is this Navajo or some tourist ring?

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need to see back also…construction is very important to help identify…any hallmarks? photos of those too

Hello Karne, I think it’s a mark but i’m not sure

I believe that your ring is by Teddy Goodluck Jr. (EDIT) I didn’t see the V by your finger, that would make it Valerie Goodluck, Teddy’s daughter, Teddy Jr.'s sister.


Interesting that Valerie uses a modified version of her brothers mark instead of her Fathers’s mark.

So Question for @new, It does say TG in the cloverleaf doesn’t it? The T is not just a shadow I’m seeing of the ring’s shank is it?.

Lol, (Edit) again. Never mind, I guess logically, if there is a V, there has to be a T in the cloverleaf.

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good stuff. shadowbox ring, sterling & artist hallmark

Thank you for the answers. And AC its indeed a T end a V. Good to know that Its Navajo than I can study the style a little bit. Now I must try to find bigger items. This is a nice place for learning. You all seem to be nice people who are ready to help others with their questions. Hopefully I will be back soon with some new finds.


I would be proud to have that ring in my collection. :slightly_smiling_face: You did good!

Going back to top photo and matrix rubbing off with damp cloth. Same thing happened with this ring I got yesterday. It smells sweet and cloth turned brown. I thought it was maybe the perfume of previous owner and then I remembered this thread. It was made by Bennie Ration, but extremely thin turquoise over whatever cab is on or the matrix (the cab is smooth, but matrix is dry)

I remember @Jason talking once about in the old days they would put shoe polish on the stones to darken the matrix. Then polish it and it would come off of the turquoise itself leaving the matrix darker.

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Would call that a piece of Pilot Mountain turquoise. Good looking stone, maybe someone using a marker to fill in the color of the matrix.

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Thank you. Today I found a ring that could be american turqouise. The ring is marked TC. To bad the stones are not big.

That looks a little suspect. Could be block with some filler.

Thanks Jason. Thats good to know. The matrix is also kind of watery. I found a Turquoise about a week ago. It looks natural. Is it Persian of American?