Hallmark Identification help

Looking to identify a hallmark on a recent thrift necklace find. Any help is appreciated!


If you can post more pictures of the front and back, sometimes people are able to ID by style.


Also, with identifying hall marks, some makers marks change over the years. I started with my initials and the year. After about 8 years, I added a 43 (year of my birth) and always either Sterling (.925) or Fine Silver (.999) Years ago there was a massive discussion on Orchid about people stealing others work and the necessity to mark everything to keep the design ‘original’. A GIA jeweler, who is well known in MA, said that he could confidently count 5 original designs on one hand. A lot of people learn from elders, or teachers, or shock!! have a few interesting designs of their own, the trick is to know how to id if it truly is by a particular artist/goldsmith by holding it and seeing how it was formed, how stones were set, how the finish of the item was. Any one can copy anything, but the way they hammer, the pitch they use, the tools, the stamps, the depth of stamp, whether or not the stones are from a particular mine, type of bezel, crushed stone or lots of other things, identifying can be an arduous exercise, which makes sites like this very helpful and invaluable especially the early pieces which are not hall make.