Hallmark of a leaf

Good afternoon,
Can anyone help me determine this hallmark?
I have a pair of lime green turquoise earrings with the hallmark and have looked for days.
Thank you

I think someone on here said the leaf belonged to a Phillipines company. I’ll see if I can find where I saw that. For now, take my comment with a grain of salt.

Thank you for your comment.

Actually it was Bree who made a post and she is in this group. Here is a photo from her post in another group. The overseas makers labels and tags get removed by the people selling them before passing them on. It would be helpful to see the front. Asian made items typically have bright colors.


Oh wow, thank you so much …this is very interesting …

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I can verify the Phillipines leaf stamp. Google Natve like jewelry made in the Phillipines. They flooded the market out west some years ago as store owners agreed to sell it as authentic native American. Some people were in alot of trouble over it. Some of it is pretty but some of the stones are plastic and not shell or stone. I had a reversible Buffalo necklace. Really pretty but of course not native. Before i could think about wearing it or selling it someone stole it from me. Good luck pawning a fake theif! Lol

Here are the pics of the made in the Phillipines Jewelry