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Hello! I’m blacketyblack; I currently reside in NYC but my interest in Native American jewelry traces back to memorable childhood trips to Mesa Verde CO and Taos NM. I’m attracted to old pawn, traditional, and contemporary work both Zuni and Navajo; especially abstract designs that evoke nature, storytelling, cosmos, or architecture (without being too literal).The common thread would be a “feeling” communicated by a piece that embodies a high level of creativity and originality as well as artistic harmony, fine materials and technical skill. Artists attracting me right now are Ervin Tsosie, Boyd Tsosie, Harold Smith, and Alvin Yellowhorse. I admire high end work and also appreciate good mid-range work-- I recently acquired a ring from Ronald Tom.


Welcome to the forum! Lots of great folks with a wealth of knowledge!

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Welcome! We have quite a treasure trove of collective knowledge here.

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