Help evaluating and appraising my 1950 NA pieces

I have been having difficulty with these items. They are not hallmarked, but they are pieces my family has had since the 1950s and I have had, in storage, since 1971. All were positively tested for silver content-coral tested positive turquoise is authentic.
All Turquoise pieces came from AZ & NM. 36" concho belt w/turquoise-250gms, Necklace 16" with pendant of 1 1.4" x 1 3/4"m 125gms, Silver and Turquoise Bola without leather, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"at base 3gms, Silver and turquoise earrings, 1" x 5/8" 1gm
The silver and coral necklace came from upper NY state-Eagle Bay, NY 1966 and was sand cast, is 27"long with an open arm naja of 3" x 2 1/2" weighs 250 gms. This area was generally Mohawk territory.


Lovely pieces! I’m especially attracted to the turquoise necklace and the coral squash. Interestingly, I had a sandcastle turquoise necklace with the exact same blossoms that I sold. However your Naja is much nicer :wink:.
I buy and sell, but am not an appraiser, so I’d rather not post my thoughts about their value. If you’d like to message me,I’d be happy to give you my thoughts and what I’d ask if I were selling these.


You have some lovely pieces! My personal favorite is the coral squash blossom but the turquoise necklace is a close second. The earrings and bola look good but they’re not as easy to see. The belt looks like it has nice turquoise.
If your ultimate plan is to sell, I’d be interested in the coral and the turquoise necklace. I’m sure that someone will join in that can give you some idea of value. Beautiful collection!

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Beautiful necklaces! I’ve never seen sterling squash blossoms fashioned like these are. I’m curious if there is a hallmark on the coral necklace. Just wondering if it was made by a Native American artist.

I was excited to read that it was purchased in Eagle Bay in the Adirondacks. My family vacationed there for two weeks every summer in the 60s and 70s. Our family of 8 would stay in the polka dot camp or in a huge tent! It’s remained the summer place for my New York sibs & their families ever since.

Just love the lakes & the memories made there :heart:


Those sound like wonderful memories. Summers in the northern pines! My family would go for 2 weeks almost every summer (except twice we went out west) to Ontario near the north shore of Lake Huron, or west past Lake Superior. I’ve only been through upstate New York once on the way to Quebec, so don’t know much about it, but it was beautiful.

And I agree with you, love that coral squash!

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The coral squash is lovely and looks like Navajo work (hence unrelated to having been found up north). These sandcast squash blossoms are interesting and do appear occasionally. Western Trading Post on eBay sometimes sells necklaces like this.


Turquoise in the first necklace is beautiful. What are the possibilities of the mine it came from? I have a ring with similar turquoise and always wondered about it.

Hi Ziacat, I believe Jason said he thought it was Pinto Valley, but not knowing much about turquoise myself, I’ll start looking types and mines and see what I can find out also. Thank you for asking about it. DHT

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So I googled it because I’m not sure that I have heard of Pinto Valley. One thing I read was that it was originally the Castle Dome Mine which closed, and then later opened nearby as the Pinto Valley Mine - or something like that. That interested me because I have a cuff with unknown turquoise, except that the artist sometimes used Castle Dome. It also looks a bit like your stones. I know you never know, but fun to wonder about it.