Help identifying turquoise & makers mark

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m hoping someone out there might be able to identify the mark on the back of this bracelet. I’m not sure if it an artist mark or shop mark? It appears to possibly be “RI” or “IZI”. Also if anyone has any idea what type of turquoise it might be. It’s a pretty light blue with black matrix and a spec or two of silver. Thank you all so much!


Wow, that’s a beautiful cuff. Do you have Bille Hougarts book on NA marks? I only have the Mexican ones, but that is where I would start, as there are crossover designs and methods between them. I looked in my Nancy Schiffer book of Silver Jewelry Designs and there is a good section on the early NA jewelry. I will try to take pics later today, as I have an appt. this am.

I couldn’t find anything that matched, the closest and a stretch would be an artist David Sandoval.

@DHT, sadly I do not have any reference books. The person I acquired it from thought it was from late 50s or early 60s. To me, stylistically it looks 70s. I just buy what calls to me and gives me good energy when I put it on. Lol

I was very fortunate when I started my obsession a few years back to buy my first pieces from a couple that had decent stuff. It sort of imprinted me and set the bar for anything else I come across. That and the energy/vibe that comes from wearing the piece weighs heavily in my decision whether to own. I often wonder if the energy of the artist resides in their pieces.


Any guesses out there on what kind of turquoise it might be??? I’m a royston girl and know nothing of these blue ones. My husband always teases me about collecting “green rock”, thus my handle!

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I would guess something like Kingman Turquoise from Arizona.

Thank you @Jason !!!