HMIJ - Eagle Bolo - Thomas Singer?

I have an Eagle bolo with artist markings of HMIJ and possibly another mark?
It seems to be nicely made, but I know little or nothing about it or the artist. This was among the estate collection that I purchased.
Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Hand made Indian jewelry are the letters. I’m not knowledgeable enough to tell you whether the sunface is a shop mark or makers mark without getting out of bed and checking a book. The others will fill you in I’m sure.
Looks like you got some pretty nice things.


Ortega Shop



Thank you, would you happen to know if the mark above the "HMIJ’ is the mark of the artist?

Thank you

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Hello all, I have been doing some research and I have found a couple of things that I would like some opinions on. The mark on this bolo “HMIJ” Hand Made Indian Jewelry has been explained to me and I appreciate the help. But as I have looked at different websites (example ) I am wondering if this piece is a Thomas Singer made item. It is very much like his work and it does have a hallmark about the “HMIJ” that looks like one of his earlier markings? I have attached a couple of photos as an example and I would like to hear some of your thoughts on it.
Thank you!
Thomas%20Singer%20Mark tommysingerbroochtwo

From my prior research, I was told Singer never worked at the Ortega shop. The single letter hallmarks are tough, and they’re much easier to examine in person, but if you really study the 3 you posted you’ll notice the ones with the Ortega mark seem to be done with 2 chisel marks while the last one appears to be a single stamp of the letter T.

Here is a section of a post from Nov. 2017 where Jason is talking about the different marks of Thomas Singer. The first one look very much like the mark on my bolo. It looks more like the mark in the illustration than the one in the pin example (single stamp) that I posted. Just some food for thought! :slightly_smiling_face: