I got it!

No one understands why I need yet another book about turquoise, but hopefully you guys do :wink:

I’m so excited!


You have entirely to many books about turquoise, but I can help by taking some of them off of your hands. :rofl:

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Hi Nac Gotter,

What are some of your favorite books?

Here’s a thread that I started that you might enjoy: Link

It took me a minute to realize “Nac Gotter” was me!

Thanks for the link; just reminds me I need to look at all the site content because there’s a wealth of interesting topics I’ve missed. I’ll post pics to the link you sent (I think it’s still active) but to answer your question, my favs are:

  • N.A. Indian Jewelry and Adornment by Lois Sherr Dubin
  • Totems to Turquoise, Native N.A, Jewelry Arts of the Northwest and Southwest (Dubin’s also a contributing editor)
  • Skystone and Silver, The Collector’s Book of Southwest Indian Jewelry by Carl Rodney and Joseph Stacey — I just got this one and am gobbling it up like a juicy novella
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I actually looked through my collection and talked myself into keeping every single one…:joy: