Books on Southwest Indian Jewelry?

What are some of your favorite books? Here are a few of mine…

Great reference book and color photos for 1960s and earlier.

Another good reference book and color photos for 1970s jewelry.

Probably my favorite book featuring the beautiful photography of Jerry Jacka. Published in 1975.


Good ones! I will have to check them out. I bought this for fun - can’t read Japanese but great photos. The whole issue focuses on NA jewelry which is apparently pretty big in Japan. 2014 issue.


I picked up both of these recently at Half Price Books. Both are from the early 90’s. The second one just has a section on jewelry.



Believe or not, our library has that top book and I have checked it out many times. It is really good!

I just bought this one on eBay for $4.99. I’ll let you know what I think after it arrives.

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Officially chiming in on the right channel. In general, I like the books that Paula Baxter, Lois Sherr Dubin and Dexter Cirillo put out but my favs, so far, are:

Dubin’s book because it’s so thorough. Totems to Turquoise because the artists speak for themselves, which I found very moving. Skystone to Silver because it’s like a history lesson.

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Well, I just bit the bullet and bought myself a bunch of reference books for Christmas. They should start arriving by the 2nd and on through the 10th.

I ordered all three volumes of the artist biographies by Dr. Gregory Schaaf as well as the Barton Wright book and the latest edition of the Bille Hougart book…and pre-ordered his new edition that hasn’t shipped yet, hopefully arriving early 2019 but no set date.

This is my latest “Half Priced Books” find.

Because I’m looking for information on this.


Gorgeous piece; hope you find the info you need. Those books are on my list too…

Woo Hoo!!!.. First one hit today…4 days early!!! Still in the shrink wrap.


So, I received the second book: “Who’s who in Zuni Jewelry” and opened it to the first page with pictures on it. What do I see but a quail pendant that I had been looking at on Etsy from a retired couple that I had purchased the Joe Zunie covered wagon bolo and buckle from.

They only have about 10 items and I had noticed that this quail was very well made and had already thought about purchasing it.
So I went back to check and sure enough it’s the exact same design. It is by Porfilio and Ann Sheyka and I was able to get it for $125.

I found the Hawk Bolo (apparently it’s a Bobwhite Quail) on the right side of the picture, on ebay for over a thousand dollars.

Feeling pretty good about the book purchase about now.


That is very cool AC!!!


New book to add. I’ve resisted buying this catalogue for years figuring I should just continue to build my collection for the cost of this little thing, but I bit the bullet and it arrived today. Hopefully it’ll continue to increase in value🤞, and hope my family doesn’t toss it as more junk when the day comes, probably have to log it somewhere…


Ooh I’ve been wanting this but haven’t found any copies for sale. Do you mind sharing where you found this and what you paid? You can direct message me if you don’t want to say publicly.

They’re around but some are astronomically priced (Ebay and Amazon). I always hoped I’d find one at a garage sale for a couple of bucks but not yet! Still looking though… :wink:

[quote=“Ivegotthenac, post:11, topic:3871”]
it arrived today…hope my family doesn’t toss it as more junk when the day comes…[/quote]

[quote=“Ivegotthenac, post:13, topic:3871, full:true”]
I always hoped I’d find one at a garage sale for a couple of bucks…[/quote]

Hmmm, so when is your family’s garage sale? :grin:

I’ve always wanted that catalog, but like you said, they are pricey. Good purchase! :+1:


Didn’t occur to me that MY family might be the one having the garage sale and selling it for a couple of bucks! :rofl: Such is life… It actually was a good buy; I’m not disappointed.


I recently saw an American Indian Art Magazine on ebay for a very spendy price. On a hunch, I looked up the website and found that they had reprinted many of their past issues for a very reasonable selling price. Great resource materials.


Hey nac, can I ask you a favor? I recently bought this spectacular squash, supposedly by Frank Dishta Sr. I was told there is reference to similar work in the C. G. Wallace catalogue. Would you mind looking for me, and if you find a similar piece send me a screen shot of the page? Thank you!!!


These are the two Dishta pieces in the catalog.

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Thank you Jason! Helpful as always!

This is so awesomely beautiful OrbitOrange! Did you get this on your NM trip?