I think it is time to sell

Hello all!
I have a great collection of many pieces of great NA jewelry.
After several years of being the keeper of this collection, I think it is time for others to enjoy it.
I would like advice on where (this site, eBay, Etsy or ?) would be the best place to sell my items, that give me the best price for them.
Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


I feel like you would probably do best on ebay or etsy, but I will let others chime in.

Is this one a ring?

I have a very similar ring that I love.

Wish I had more spare money. There was a selling section of this forum. I have sold on eBay off and on for years but recently they changed their policy regarding payment. Buyers now pay eBay direct (no more PayPal) and it takes days before they get your money sent to your bank account. They now charge approximately 13%. I liked having my money in PayPal instead of my bank account and you had access to it right away.
I belong to numerous Native American jewelry groups on FB. Some allow sales. Even some of the NA artists are selling there. There are also Mexican jewelry and Southwestern jewelry sites.
And finally, what are you asking for the knifewing bolo and do you have any other knifewings? Thanks

Is this Mickey?

I will look, but I think it is a pendent.

Thank you for your advice. I don’t think that I have any other knifewings, but I will double check.

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Yes, it is Mickey and I have two of them.

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I was asking about the one in the picture with all of the other bolos on a white background. Thanks :blush:

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The usual sites, and fully describe and photograph the objects separately. Some sites have no or low fees, like FB groups, but the biggest exposure is of course the bigger sites like eBay, with fees. You should know what you want for each piece. eBay isn’t cheap but it’s also not expensive, compared to any consignment situation.

Unsolicited advice to most sellers: There is a sea of competing goods for the same potential buyers, so price things and accept offers with realism and even modesty.

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WOW! Nice Collection! I will try an refrain from begging prices! :slight_smile: I have a shop on Etsy, and do very well. Two caveats are that you need hundreds of items, and time to build up a sales history. I have looked at most sites out there for this, and Etsy was the cheapest to get into and has over 14 million members. Something to be said for the audience at hand with other sites.

Ebay I find to be too highly-priced, but then I am buying to collect and resell.

Poshmark, Mercari, and Offer Up seem to be a millennial haven with so many ads that are no longer relevant.

Ruby Lane is a generally higher-end platform, but their fees are high. I have seen items listed there for a number of years without any movement.

If you are prepared to wait and start a new hobby with online sales then I rekon it should be Etsy. Note that the bulk of my sales are between 40 adn 100 dollars there. Higher priced items tend to sit around for awhile.
Another note for online platforms; be prepared to get tons of low ball offers…constantly.

The next option if you want to move faster is an auction house. The size of your collection may draw big-time bidders if you do this route. When choosing an auction house be sure to keep location in mind. Auction houses in Ohio versus one in New Mexico or Arizona or even San Francisco are going to have a huge effect on your sale! You can find reputable Auction houses that will take on the entire collection and allow you to choose how it is sold. Piece by piece or as a large lot. There are risks inherent in both options.

Next would be the consignment route. This is totally dependant on who/where this is. I find this way typically takes alot of time and they want you to sell piece by peice rather than as a lot.

Another option is finding a collector. Advertising in collectors magazines and the like can sometimes find you a nice whale! Arizona Magazine is a great one, as is Cowboys & Indians. The exposure of those two are very wide.

Lastly, is museums. I only mention this as an option because it is one if you have the right stuff. I am talking antiquity type stuff, or very rare things.

I hope that helps you! I am interested in knowing what you want for the entire lot. If you can private message me or contact me through my Etsy shop(posted several times on this forum).



Another note on this collection. Hallmarks. Hallmarks are everything when valuing.

That is a very nice collection. Selling here, you would have a targeted audience built in. Those who appreciate and understand the value of these items.


If you do decide to sell please advise me what platform you sell on so I can check it out. Thank You


Quite the collection! I would also like to know what you would ask for the collection! I don’t resell so no site so private message is best

Thank you for all of your advice, I appreciate it. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I have a sizable collection as well, I started trying to price items based on eBay / Etsy listings…daunting. I’ve had folks reach out about particular pieces but selling off piece by piece will end up being my life’s work. I appreciate your advice.

I am sure that I do not have as many items as you probably have. But I retired on March 1st, so I have time on my hands. 😉
 I am going to give eBay a try and see if I can sell my items there. I know that it will take a while, but at this time I am fine with that. My eBay seller ID is darrywools and have eight of my items posted at this time.
   Thanks for all of your help and advice, best regards.

My eBay ID = darrywools


Thanks for sharing your name on eBay. Best of luck.

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I would start with Facebook market place and OfferUp. Can you please tell me how much you want for the kachina and eagle in photo . Are they signed? Thanks